[Mailman-Users] list-request at ... mail address nonexistent?

Amber R. Wolfe amber at stargate.net
Tue Apr 18 21:24:14 CEST 2000

> David Vaught-Alexander wrote:
> Hello,
> I just installed mailman (1.0-1 rpm from RedHat's secure server CD))
> for the first time. Everything appeared to be going smoothly until I
> attempted to subscribe to a list. The email is being sent to
> list-request at mydomain.com (where list is the list name). I assume here
> that any subscribing or other interactions with the list functions are
> to be sent to the list name with "-request" appended to the list name.
> Anyway, my server (RedHat Linux 6.1) doesn't recognize that as a valid
> email address. IOW, it bounces.
> Can anyone tell me how to  fix this? Is it a matter of adding some
> more to my /etc/aliases file?
> thanks
> p.s. other than this problem, installation was a breeze and the
> features appear to be just what I was looking for.

I am not sure if the same thing applies to sendmail (I am running QMail
with no sendmail alias file) but I have to manually add the alias
entries ... There is a script included that does it, it only has to be
modified slightly.

Are you running QMail or sendmail?

amber at stargate.net

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