[Mailman-Users] virtually hosted domains

Chris Yeo cyeo at horizon.sk.ca
Tue Apr 18 22:27:32 CEST 2000


One way to do it, is to change the domain information on the first page of
the configuration near the bottom.

This is the way I have mine setup.  It might even be worthwhile to be able
to set the email address (in full) as something that can only be done on the
command line.  This would allow administrators to create email addresses at
will for the virtual domains.

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	How do I force the mail coming from mailman to the users to use a
	domain rather than the host machines real name?  For example; say I
have a
	machine with the name realhost.org.  On it I am virually hosting the
	virthost.org. I want to run a list called test on the virthost.org.
	all works find. Users can send mail to test at virthost.org and all is
	But when they receive mail from the list, it shows a TO: line that
	indicated realhost.org i.e

	From: joeshmow at blablabla.com
	To: test at realhost.org

	If a user replies to this, the reply address shows up as
realhost.org. It
	still works of course, but it isnt' pretty. I want it to show up as
	TO: test at virthost.org.

	I am using sendmail on Linux.  In my case, virthost.org would show
up in
	the DNS as an alias:

	>nslookup virthost.org

	Name:    realhost.org
	Address:  ###.###.###
	Aliases:  virthost.org

	I have also put virthost.org in the "Host name this list prefers"
	of the test list.  



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