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Stuart Clark sclark at tpg.com.au
Wed Apr 19 04:46:03 CEST 2000

I am running Mailman 1.1 on BSD 2.2.6

I have read that the "unknown mail error 1" is due to a segmentation fault 
in the sendmail mailer (Mailman's wrapper).  This occurred at a time when 
the machine had a load of about 6.0 (very high for this machine) and 
probably ran out of FD's.  It was a single mail to a moderated mailing list 
and using a num_spawn of 5. I do not know alot about BSD and mainly use 
Linux for my other high end boxes.  The mailer below works normally at 
other times.

Apr 18 17:42:30 lists sendmail[2891]: RAA02874: RAA02891: postmaster 
notify: unknown mailer error 1
Apr 18 17:42:29 lists sendmail[2665]: RAA02578: 
to="|/usr/src/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner boomerangtv", delay=00:02:33, 
xdelay=00:02:26, mailer=prog, stat=unknown mailer error 1

I have now enabled the QueueLA function in Sendmail to queue messages when 
the load exceeds a load of 3!! and have decreased the num_spawn for the 
mailinglist to 2.

I wonder if there are any other performance tips (like ulimit) I can use on 
this machine while I consider faster hardware and an OS I am more used to.

Thanks, Stuart.

   Stuart Clark                              sclark at tpg.com.au
   System Administration Supervisor
  (02) 9850 0907

   TPG Internet

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