[Mailman-Users] converting mbox archive to mailman archive

Gerhard Gonter gonter at maestria.wu-wien.ac.at
Wed Apr 19 17:52:13 CEST 2000

According to Doug Hughes:
> I've asked this question once or twice before, but no response yet.
> How do I manually convert a standard, previously existing, concatenated
> MBOX format archive into a mailman archive?

The "arch" command in Mailman's bin directory does this trick, at least
that is/was the case in earlier version:

mailman> ~/bin/arch 
usage: arch <listname> <mbox>

> Also, no response to my question about mailman 2-beta2
> Posts that must be approved by administrator do not make it into
> the archive. 
> 1) is this is a known bug?
Sorry, I can't answer that.  Maybe this should be entered into
Mailman's bug database.

> 2) Is there a way to take the <list>.mbox file (which appears to be okay
> for whatever strange reason..) and manually just add the messages that
> are not in the pipermail archive to the pipermail archive?

~/bin/arch list list.mbox

would do that.  The arch command does not check for duplicates, so you
may want to copy a selection of mails into another mailbox and run
the arch command with that file.

Hope that helps.

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