[Mailman-Users] Umbrella nested lists

John Bleasdale jbleasdale at rm.com
Thu Apr 20 11:50:39 CEST 2000


I am running Mailman 1.1 and currently having some confusion over using
nested lists.

I have two conventional lists, "list-a" and "list-b" and an umbrella list
"allusers" containing the two normal lists.
I would like all three lists to be closed, allowing member posting only, but
without the need for administrative approvals for postings. ie. If a member
of "list-a" were to post to "allusers", their post would be permitted to all
the users of "list-a" and "list-b" automatically.

My question is this ->

Is it possible for Mailman to be configured so that when checking who is
allowed to post to the "allusers" list, it can check the members of the
child/leaf lists? At present the postings need approving as the sender's
address is not a direct member of the parent list.

Also, if the above were possible and the posting to "allusers" was allowed,
the From address checked by the child lists is "allusers-admin" rather than
the original sender's From address. I can configure "allusers-admin" to be
allowed to post to the leaf lists using the Bounce options, however, is it
possible to preserve the original From address as this would make list
set-up less complicated?


John Bleasdale
Research Machines plc

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