[Mailman-Users] Install Problem

Dion Todd dion at todayshosting.com
Mon Apr 24 05:22:38 CEST 2000

He all, mailman Newbie here. I have  a linux server running Mandrake 7 and a postfix mail setup.   I installed mailman on it. I tried to follow the directions as best I could and all seemed to go fine and complete with no errors.

When I create a list, it sends me the mail as it should but when I go to the link it provides to admin or as a  user the web server says. "You are not allowed to access this file".

Also, When I send a message to it with "help" in the subject as it suggest it gets rejected with a :
<test-request at nix.domain.com>: Command died with status 1:
    "/home/users/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd test"

Has to be a permission problem but at this time I have follwed the instructions as close as I know how and nothing I seem to change helps. When I "configured mailman I used the 99 and 251 for user and group permissions. should i have used a "name" instead?  thanks for any help in this.

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