[Mailman-Users] Digest message format?

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Tue Apr 25 22:58:32 CEST 2000

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> Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> [redirecting this to the list, since my initial email went to 
> Greg only]
>   HTML digests solves that problem.  Besides, how would you 
> break the digest
>   up into useful parts again, it's already been smeared 
> together.  I think
>   HTML is a much better solution to this problem.  I don't 
> know python, so I'm
>   not sure how well suited to this it would be, but it's 
> probably less than 20
>   hours coding to put together an alpha quality release of 
> HTML digests for
>   somebody who does know it, or something similar using Perl.  
> This is all silly.  Keep HTML on HTTP servers, and keep regular text
> in email.  If people want to see the digest as individual messages,
> they should read the pipermail archives.  There's no need to reinvent
> the wheel.

ok, how about making it possible to link the mail to the pipermail archives.
I just want a functional way to use digests so that I don't get mail from
all of these lists ever 4 minutes.  I want the digest to reduce the overhead
and message counts.  My proposal was one way to make them more useable, not
the only one.
ok, I need to calm down probably, but here's exactly what I want out of the
digest that I get in my mailbox.  First, I want a list of the messages that
came through the list since the last digest.  This let's me quickly see if
there are any that I want to read, and if not just pitch the email.  Then if
there are any that I do want to read, I want a quick way to get to that
message without having to find it amidst all of the other posts that I'm not
interested in.  Once I'm done reading it, I want to get rid of the whole
message, because there's an archive online.  Is that too mch to ask?  

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