[Mailman-Users] test list not working

Omar Armas Aleman oarmas at mps.com.mx
Wed Apr 26 19:07:21 CEST 2000

I downloaded mailman-2.0beta2 in RH 6.2 and followed instructions in the
I added user and group mailman and did ./configure and make install
check_perms found no problems

Added this to apache:
Alias /pipermail/ "/home/mailman/archives/public"
ScriptAlias /mailman/ "/home/mailman/cgi-bin"

and restarted it.

Added mailman alias to aliases, created a new list, added test aliases to
/etc/aliases, typed "newaliases"

I receive the mail saying the test list was created, and that I can
configure it at:


But that pages aren't found by my browser, and I get no answer when send a
"help" to test-request at linux.mpsnet.com.mx.

Any idea about what is wrong?

For what I see http://linux.mpsnet.com.mx/mailman/admin/test ->
/home/mailman/cgi-bin/admin/test, but that doesn't exist:

[oarmas at linux mailman-2.0beta2]$ ls -l ~mailman/cgi-bin/admin     
-rwxr-sr-x    1 root     mailman     30278 Apr 25 18:37

What am I doing wrong?


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