[Mailman-Users] approval of post questions

Scott R. Every scott at emji.net
Fri Apr 28 05:16:55 CEST 2000

posted to a new list with around 1000 subscrubers and got the following in 
the logs/smtp log:

Apr 27 15:40:30 2000 (28365) smtp for 1008 recips, completed in 122.794 

now the approval process seemed to run for a long time before it finished. 
is this time in the log an indictor of how long the cgi will run or 
something else?  this is related to my ealier questions about list size.  i 
am still having no luck sending posts to larger lists(>10k)

the web approval page keeps timing out.  is anyone running large moderated 
lists wth 2.0b2?  should i switch to 1.1?

any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.



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