[Mailman-Users] A Vote Against Passwords

Tom Limoncelli tal at research.bell-labs.com
Tue Aug 1 16:01:37 CEST 2000

Chuck Dale wrote:
> For What It's Worth:
>     I vote to have the password facilities in Mailman toned down. I
>     would like them removed but at least to make this optional.

I think the fact that 2.x only has one password per user (rather than
one per user per list) will improve things greatly.

>     And definitely to make the "Send Password Reminders Every Month"
>     option default to OFF.

I think this is a bad move.  I run a LOT of mailing lists and my members
are all learning that if they want to get off the list they can wait 30
days rather than post a "how do I unsubscribe" message.  I've given up
on them remembering or saving the instructions, BTW.

>     I say this after another month of receiving more than 10 separate
>     password reminders. And mailman lists only account for about 1/3 of
>     the lists I am on!

Again, I think the monthly reminder is a great idea.  In fact, it helps
me clean up all my subscriptions.  It may be better if sites didn't do
them all on the first of the month.  Maybe everyone should set it to be
on the day they were born (all my mailman listservers would send out
their messages on the 2nd day of the month, since I was born on Dec

>     All the other mailing list managers seem to do without it so why
>     waste time with it.

Maybe they don't do it because mailman is better?

A feature that I would like to see is the listserv "confirm" system.  I
would send all my bounces to /dev/null and rely on a yearly "confirm"
(or lack of one) to clean my lists.  Certainly with Python's excellent
CGI capabilities the confirm message could simply say, "click on this
URL to say on the mailing list".  No biggie, right?


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