[Mailman-Users] Problems to restore mailman lists from backup tape

Sampo Antila santila at iki.fi
Mon Aug 7 13:40:18 CEST 2000


We have using mailman in our mailserver, but now one harddrive crashed
I had to install a new server, because we didn't take backups for full

However, I have backup of our old lists. I just copied those old list to
our new server .../mailman/lists/<list_name> directory. That didn't
Admin password didn't match. I also copied .../mailman/data/adm.pw from
backup tape to new server, but that didn't help anyting.

What is correct way to restore those lists to our server? 
Our old mailman was some old version than this new one.
New one is 2.0beta2, our server is Redhat 6.2 and we have python 1.5.2.

Let me know if anwers need more information.

Thanks in advance.

     Sampo Antila

     - santila at iki.fi - http://www.iki.fi/santila -

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