[Mailman-Users] A Vote Against Passwords

Richard Noboru Kekahuna richardk at pobox.com
Mon Aug 7 21:19:56 CEST 2000

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> We don't feel that we need passwords.  We believe that the overhead
> associated is more than our list subscribers desire.  And we aren't
> eager to send out a few tens of thousands of password reminders each
> month.  We don't think our subscribers will be appreciative of that,
> in the least.

I am also considering migrating to MailMan from ListBot. (Currently one 50
person list already on mailman and a couple with tens of thousands waiting
to migrate somewhere)

It is possible to turn off password reminders from the admin interface,
though you'll still get questions from users who don't RTEM.

I haven't been on any lists where people were trying to unsubscribe each
other in some sort of unsubscribe warfare...

Is it possible to unsubscribe via email without using password?

Passwords, etc. are great for us techies but confuse the heck out of normal
people :) I'm on the frontlines of having to field really simple questions
from users, most people would just ignore the password and email us directly
with admin requests. Ideally I'd love something as simple as a form box on a
webpage with "Enter Email Address" and "Subscribe, Configure, Unsubscribe"
radio buttons, together with an email option to do same. (Confirm before
subscribe, of course, for spam prevention)

Passwords of course for those who want to configure their option, but
otherwise for subscribe just a simple confirm email is enough for spam
prevention, and I don't think passwords should be mandatory just for unsub.

I am trying to wean us into a Linux solution as much as possible :D I want
to show people at work stuff like Linux, Python, MM, and demonstrate how
efficient, robust, and just plain cool they are.

PS to MM crew: Great job on the program, I love it so far :)

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