[Mailman-Users] archiving stopped w/no logged errors - why?

Sheryl Weidner saska at noogie.com
Mon Aug 7 23:05:15 CEST 2000

Hello list,

My vitals: 
RedHat Linux 6.1
Sendmail 8
Python 1.5.2
Apache 1.3.12, RavenSSL 1.4.3
Mailman 2.0b2 (with one public unmoderated, one public moderated, and one
private unmoderated list running)

A while back I ran into the issue of the archiver not working because I
had attempted to set it to use the "when-resent" time stamp rather than
the "when sent" date setting.  Thanks to you folks, I got archiving
working on that particular list.

Now I am seeing similar behavior on a new list, where archiving DID work
for the first five or six messages.  Messages from 8/3 through 8/6
archived without difficulty and appear to be showing up when I visit the
archive pages. The only substantial difference between my working list
archives and this non-working list is that the non-working list is
private, as are the archives.  However, this has always been the case -
including when the first few messages archived correctly.

The list last archived (according to the footer on the web page) on
Saturday (8/5). No new files have been created, either in the HTML or in
the archives/private/listname directory, after that date - although the
Week-of-Mon-20000800 directory, the index.html file, and the pipermail.pck
file in the archives/private/listname directory all have timestamps from

Since Saturday, there have been five or six postings to the list, and I
have received my batched digest messages accordingly.  There is only one
entry in the error log for mailman after that date, and the error relates
to an ongoing (and presumably unrelated) issue I have with using SSL to
access the mailman administration pages.  All other functions - individual
postings, administrative functions, digest batching and delivery - are
working without a hitch.

It is my intention to upgrade to 2.0b5 this evening, but I didn't want to
exacerbate whatever problem I might be having already, so I thought I'd
toss this out and see if y'all might know what I'm up against.  I've read
through the recent archives of the mailman-users list as well, so if you
want to direct me to someone's previous posting, providing a subject would
be very helpful (seeing as how those archives aren't searchable!).

Thanks in advance!

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