[Mailman-Users] Mailman Migration HELP

Jim Tittsler jwt at OnJapan.net
Thu Aug 17 07:02:50 CEST 2000

On Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 12:33:11PM -0600, Meredith, Robert wrote:
> Now, I want to migrate my mailing lists from my old server to the new one.
> My old server is running Mailman v1.1.  I have approximately 30 lists on
> this box.  I have tried and tried to do this, with no success.

I would try copying over the old list configurations and then
running 'make update' to attempt to update them to the current
format.  (First you will probably need to change the
data/last_mailman_version file which is a hex string
representing the current (or "old" in your case) version
number in hex.)

> One problem that I am having is this, my old server had
> mailman installed in a non-standard location (my new server
> has it installed in /home/mailman). When I was looking at the
> config files for each of the old lists - they have path
> information in them.  Will I have to manually edit these?

The Mailman bin/move_list script should help you update the
paths that are embedded in the list config.db files.

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo
Python Starship     http://starship.python.net/crew/jwt/

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