[Mailman-Users] Can I get rid of an admin request?

paz paz at apriori.net
Sun Aug 20 13:38:06 CEST 2000

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:

: On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, paz wrote:
: > [...]
: > 
: > The admin request just keeps showing up every day; there doesn't seem to
: > be any normal way for me to dismiss it. Can I empty a queue or something
: > like that to toss out the garbage so that I will stop getting the 
: > "1 (insert listname here) admin request(s) waiting" messages?
: > 
: > I've poked around in Mailman but can't find anything that I can clear or
: > reset.
: the low level way of eliminating post requests is (at least for mailman
: 1.1)
: # su - mailman
: $ python -i bin/withlist -l <listname>
: Loading list: <listname> (locked)
: >>> del m.requests['post']
: >>> m.Save()
: >>> <Ctrl+D>
: don't try this without reading bin/withlist to understand what it does,
: and it doesn't hurt to make a backup of mailman before you do it either.
: Regards, Leo

Okay, thanks -

Actually, I'm running 1.09b, so it doesn't have bin/withlist available.
It's been running fine ever since 1.09b was introduced without a hitch, so
I figured, not broken, so don't fix it...  Well, this time, I can't figure
out how to fix it! Heh...

I might give a shot at loading 2.x over the top of this thing, but I
haven't successfully loaded the latest version on a server at work yet, so
I figured I'd wait until I could at least do that correctly. Meanwhile, I
rummaged thoughout the system to try to find a mail message queue, to no
avail. I guess I'll ignore the requests until I can upgrade the program.

cheers -
-- Philip.

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