[Mailman-Users] How to rename

Gary Algier gaa at ulticom.com
Tue Aug 22 22:53:14 CEST 2000

I must be dense or something.  I will explain by example:

Given a file "foo" one would rename (or move) it with a command:
	mv foo bar
So, given the list "release-development" and I want to rename it to
"release-development-group", I would do either:
	move_list release-development
and it would read my mind for the new name?  Or do I do:
	move_list release-development-group
and it would read my mind for the old name?

The usage says:
	    move_list [options] listname
	        Print this help message and exit.

And, yes if there was a:
	copy_list old-list new-list
I could understand a:
	rmlist old-list


Ok, so I decided to try it on my test list:
	move_list mm-test

And it looks like nothing happened!  The list is still there.

Dan Mick wrote:
> If you found bin/move_list, it's hard to believe you missed bin/rmlist,
> but there's your answer.
> > After using Mailman for a while, we want to rename a few mailing lists.
> > How do I do that?  I found something, "bin/move_list", however it only
> > takes one argument.  How do you change name with only one argument?

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