[Mailman-Users] How to rename

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Wed Aug 23 00:44:59 CEST 2000

> I must be dense or something. 

No, I am; I see you've said "rename"; I just assumed from
your "one name" that you meant "remove".  Sorry.  I didn't
read what you typed at all.  I'm so used to incredibly-obvious
questions here that I missed a good one (yet another reason
I'm such a pain about "read the docs first"...it prejudices
people into believing no one has any good questions).

I don't know how to rename a list.  move_list is to update
a hand-copied list to reflect the local mailman configuration.
It may be possible, but probably only with a lot of hand-tweaking.

If I were to try it, I'd:

0) dump the list config.db with bin/dumpdb lists/<listname> and
save it away

0.5) examine the files named after the list by find ~mailman -name
<listname> -ls or your favorite variant, so I knew what filesystem
records were there

1) copy the list data from lists/<listname> to lists/<newlistname>

2) copy the list archives from archives/private/<listname> to 

3) copy the archive links, if present, from archives/public/<listname>
to archives/public/<newlistname>

4) try accessing <newlistname> through the admin pages to see
what works and what doesn't

5) modify what in config.db seems to require it with bin/withlist
and some hand-typed Python code (which isn't as scary as it sounds;
you don't have to know Python to pull this off)

But there doesn't seem to be a hand-wrapped solution, and there
may be some pitfall in this that I don't know about, because
I haven't tried it.

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