[Mailman-Users] Cookie headache.

Dave Dunaway (ncc0296) ddunaway at corp.netcom.ca
Fri Aug 25 22:10:59 CEST 2000

> I am running a list server which is running fine and funky. WHat is not working properly
> is the way cookies are being handled for admin config tasks. ie: I access the server as
> lists/cgi-bin/listinfo and the cookie gets set to lists. If I access the server as lists.office.corp
> (corp being an internal TLD we use) the cookie gets set as lists.corp.netcom.ca and all my admin
> changes are ketp and I continuously have to enter a password for each admin change I make. 
> Like I said, with just lists as the hostname, all changes work perfectly and all is happy.

DOH! Too much coffee! The fqdn is lists.corp.netcom.ca, not list.office.corp. 

Dave Dunaway [ddunaway at corp.netcom.ca]

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