[Mailman-Users] unsubscribing all or many members

Christopher P. Lindsey lindsey at mallorn.com
Sun Aug 27 00:43:39 CEST 2000

> What I can't figure out is how to remove 1,000 members at once or
> all of the list members. This would be extremely tedious in the GUI
> and doesn't look like an option in /mailman/bin/remove_members

Use withlist:

   > python -i $prefix/bin/withlist -l [listname]
   >>> m.members={}
   >>> m.digest_members={}
   >>> m.Save()
   >>> ^D

^D is [CTRL]-D, hit simultaneously.

Remember, this removes *ALL* list members at once.  You might want to backup
$prefix/lists/[listname] first, just in case.  :)


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