[Mailman-Users] a feature request

William R. Dickson wrd at awenet.com
Mon Aug 28 01:07:34 CEST 2000

On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Tom Musgrove wrote:

> hi, would it be possible to add the following feature to mailman?
> feature: multiple addresses for the same mail list- I'd like to be able to
> send email to the same list from multiple accounts, because I use a
> different email account based on whether I'm using a computer from home,
> work, or a public terminal.  I only need to read the email from the list
> once, so preferably just have a default account that it is sent to.
> Currently, if I want to send email from different accounts, I have to have
> multiple different subscriptions, which means getting the same messages from
> a list a bazillion times.

Just set the accounts you don't want to receive mail at to "Nomail" --
that's how I handle the lists I subscribe to at work, so I can send mail
to them from home as well.


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