cookies (was: RE: [Mailman-Users] list admin server doesn't alway s respond?)

Ron Jarrell jarrell at
Tue Aug 29 21:53:41 CEST 2000

At 07:32 PM 8/28/00 -0700, Dan Mick wrote:

>> Does the latest mailman still require on-disk cookies?  On my normal web
>> browser I don't allow cookies to be written to disk, but I've got no
>> objections to having session cookies and such.  Thanks,
>I don't think it ever required "on-disk" cookies (unless there's something
>that implies that I don't know about) but the latest versions use
>"session" cookies (i.e. only valid for this browser session)
>and I believe the expiry time has been removed too.

Actually, I think the expiry time is explicitly set to something that's already
past; at least, I recall Barry finding a browser bug in some versions that
would ignore an empty expiry date, but do the right thing for expired
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