[Mailman-Users] some suggestions for mailman 2

Anand Kumria wildfire at progsoc.uts.edu.au
Wed Aug 30 03:04:07 CEST 2000

I've now been using Mailman (note no studly caps) for a while so,
here are some comments:

	- I've placed my lists at /lists/ instead of /mailman/
	so that required a patch to SecurityManager.py to send
	cookies with the right path

	- I'd be *most useful* to have a another subscriber option
	which indicated that the subscriber wasn't really a person
	but was, in reality, a sublist. For those subscribers
	monthly notices (which should also be a per-subscriber thing
	IMO) and other administrativia would be sent to owner-<subscriber>
	(or <subscriber>-owner, or <subscriber>-admin).

	- I'd love to be able to edit messages that get held for approval.
	So that I can remove HTML from some email, reset the reply-to to
	somewhere more appropriate or simply trim things down and insert
	a "modified by whomever" message.

	- When adding/removing subscribers (or modifying their options)
	having it stay on the same page who speed things up considerably

	- having an email way to request a password; it appears that 
	everything can be done except this via email

	- being able to search for subscribers (via the web) would also
	be useful.

Note I haven't had the time/oppurtunity to check Mailman 2.0 betas so my
apologies if some of this has already been covered. Also please note
the reply-to setting as I'm not on this list but I would appreciate any


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