[Mailman-Users] public lists not visible

Rick Pasotto rick at niof.net
Fri Dec 1 04:51:24 CET 2000

Could someone help me understand what's happening here.

A user told me that when he accessed the mailman info page no mailing
lists were displayed. And yet whenever I accessed the info page they
were. He sent me a screen capture which allowed me to notice that he had
accessed my site with 'www.niof.net' but lazy me always used just
'niof.net'. Somehow that affects the display of public lists.

In checking the archives I found this message from
Sramsey at east.delfin.com dated Sun, 24 Sep 2000 22:46:45 -0400 

I had posted a question earlier about missing Public lists.  Turns out
the URL that points to the Mailman was incorrect.  This is a test List
server and the A record has not been created in our DNS zone.  So for
now I have to use the IP address in the URL.  Simple fix when I'm ready
to take this thing live.

Both forms of address are in the dns with the same ip and my site can be
reached either way. Do I have something wrong in my apache configuration?
Is Mailman tied to only one? BTW, he was able to access the list page
and subscribe by using the list name, which leads me to believe the
problem is in the public list display code.

(This is a home system runnning debian 2.2. Mailman is still 1.1)

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