[Mailman-Users] GID for CGI

Darron Froese darron at javelindigital.com
Sat Dec 2 22:31:35 CET 2000

On 12/2/00 2:24 PM, "Dan Mick" <Dan.Mick at west.sun.com> wrote:

>> "GET /mailman/ HTTP/1.0" 403 275"
>> in access_log
>> "attempt to invoke directory as script: /home/mailman/cgi-bin"
>> in error_log
>> I presume this is the wrong GID or UID for CGI scripts. If so, how do I
>> check my CGI GID as the error message didn't show the expected GID.
>> Thanks.
> Can't get URLs ending in mailman/.  Try, for instance, mailman/listinfo.
> We should probably have an index.html to install in mailman/ to avoid
> this question.

I've added this to my Apache httpd.conf:

ErrorDocument 404 /mailman/listinfo
ErrorDocument 403 /mailman/listinfo

That way, if someone tries to get /mailman/ it just sends them to the page
with the lists on that virtualhost.

It seems to work pretty well for the 403's but I'm not sure if that's the
right way to do a 404. It may prove problematic (user wise) when I actually
deploy it but I'll have to see then.
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