[Mailman-Users] localization

David Herren david at idiomatrix.com
Tue Dec 5 02:29:33 CET 2000

  * are there any plans to make a localization of mailman? I'm ISP in 
  * Germany and my customers would like to have the templates and  
all pages
  * in German. Actually I'm translating the templates. Where could I send 
  * the translated templates to (probably) include them in a future  

I'd love to see this as option as well. I run a server for an  
international organization. The main pages are all translated into  
German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Catalan, Dutch, Japanese,  
Chinese, Russian & Hungarian. It would be great to be able to somehow  
configure Mailman to switch....

david herren
david at idiomatrix.com
shoreham, vt

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