[Mailman-Users] problem with web authentication

Glen Foster gfoster at gfoster.com
Wed Dec 6 16:43:41 CET 2000

Using an unexpected-by-Mailman path component in the URL can also
trigger this phenomenon.  E.g. telling Mailman 

DEFAULT_URL = 'http://mailman.what.ever/mailman/'

and surfing to http://mailman.what.ever/cgi-bin/mailman/.

Glen Foster <gfoster at gfoster.com>

 > >I could sign-in to the admin web pages but when I try to submit the
 > >changes I've made or follow any link on the admin page Mailman tries to
 > >authenticate me again. My browsers accept cookies.
 > I've seen this under two circumstances -- first you don't have 
 > cookies turned on. Second, if there's a conflict between the hostname 
 > you're using on the web side and the hostname mailman is configured 
 > to use.

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