[Mailman-Users] moving and upgrading

Leonardo Rochael Almeida lra at insite.com.br
Wed Dec 6 19:07:45 CET 2000


I'm about to move a mailman installation from one server to another and
from v1.0 to 2.0. Is it safe to just move the files, install the new
version and do the upgrade procedure and later apply move_list? Or should
I upgrade in place and move the files to the new server and then apply

move_list is not in v1.0 so I can't move the files to the new server,
apply move_list and then upgrade. It's not in 1.1 either.

Speaking of which, should I upgrade to 1.1 and then to 2.0 or can I just
make the jump?

I know I could just take the long and safe road by upgrading and then
moving but the old server is going to be decomissioned and I don't feel
like doing useless work :-)

Regards, Leo

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