[Mailman-Users] Authentic error ?

Keir Vaughan-Taylor keir at commsecure.com.au
Thu Dec 7 03:56:12 CET 2000

I have installed mailman 2.0 from source on  linux redhat 6.2
The check_perms runs and is happy :-)
I can create lists and the notification is sent and the chosen password
is sent in the

I can use the utilities in the bin directory to add users and I can dump

the list data base
to see the configuration including an encrypted password.

The crontab file appears to be running....at least there are no errors
being mailed to me.

Unfortunately I can't get into any list management section on a web
because it fails on the password. returning "Authentication failed" to
the web page

The error log /home/mailman/logs/error is empty

Any clues ? How can I trace this ?

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