[Mailman-Users] upgrade mailman 2.0beta5 to version 2.0 final

Gregory Leblanc gleblanc at cu-portland.edu
Thu Dec 7 03:59:41 CET 2000

On 07 Dec 2000 02:05:49 +0100, Franz Lax wrote:
> the only problem occurring is when a new list gets created the mail
> sent out to the new list owner (automatically generated by
> mailman) provides a erroneous http, in fact there is simply a
> "/" (slash) missing.
> for example the list miraculix gets announced as:
>     http://mailman.sil.at/mailmanadmin/miraculix
> thsi should be:
>     http://mailman.sil.at/mailman/admin/miraculix

I suspect that in mm_cfg.py you have your site URL (sorry, I don't have
a mailman install handy to look at) set to http://mailman.sil.at/mailman
Note the lack of a slash at the end.  Try adding the slash, and things
should be much happier, at least for new lists.  For existing lists you
may need to change that manually.


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