[Mailman-Users] (trouble)shooting Mailman

Heigo Kadakmaa heigo at online.no
Thu Dec 7 16:39:00 CET 2000


Mailman 2.0 build fails on ./configure. Followed all the instructions
from readme and install, but did not succeed anyhow. Python and (gc)C
versions are OK. I have RH6.2 Linux box with all the updates

Then I tried with rpm binary (beta2 and beta5) - it installs, lists
work and can be controlled from console command prompt, but CGI script
gives an error: 
Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 48, GOT gid 99.  (Reconfigure to
take 99?)

Tried on RH70 Linux box, no problems - build from source works, and
rpm binary works as well.

I'd like to move over form majordomo/LWGate to Mailman, but avoid this
time upgrading the server to RH70... 

(LWGate has problems with MIME and HTML)

Any ideas, how to make Mailman functional on RH6.2?

Heigo Kadakmaa

P.S. I use list software in connection with seminars and lectures at a

e-mail: heigo at online.no

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