[Mailman-Users] script for premail?

Krzysztof Wychowalek kaw at zrodla.most.org.pl
Sat Dec 9 20:12:55 CET 2000

As we know, if there is a "|preline" string missing before "wrapper 
post" command, the archives won't work.
As described in FAQ:

> Q. Still having problems? Running QMail? 
> A. Make sure that you are using "preline" before calling "wrapper": 
>    |preline /home/mailman/mail/wrapper post listname 
>                         "preline" adds a Unix-style "From " header
>                         which the archiver requires. You can fix the
>                         archive mbox files by adding: 
>                         From somebody Mon Oct 9 12:27:34 MDT 2000 
>                         before every message and re-running the
>                         archive command "bin/arch listname". The
>                         archives should now exist. See README.QMAIL
>                         for more information. 

I realized it 3 months too late. Now I have realy big mbox files and 
it's not wise to edit them manually to add a "from somebody" line 
at the beginning of every message. I am going to write a script for 
that, but maybe someone did it before? If so, I would be grateful if 
he or she could send it to me (priv). Thanks in advance.

Krzysztof Wychowalek
ICQ# 34184303
GSM +48602824334

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