[Mailman-Users] BIG FAT MESSY HEADERS, REPLY TO, and the problem with programmers.

Jerry Adlersfluegel jerrya at jerrya.net
Sat Dec 9 20:40:27 CET 2000

On Sat, 9 Dec 2000, Fred Craven wrote:
> In the context of Mailman, the new headers in the email messages are 
> a good thing, as are the various ways in which to reply (to sender, 
> to list, to all, whatever), but if they cause confusion to the end 
> user than they are a problem for the end user. If, however, there is 
> an convenient way change the settings from an administrators 
> perspective, then the end user is happy. It's still moving towards 
> the future, just not at the same speed.

I think in the case of the new headers, what it comes down to is this: How
many of your users are using Eudora, which seems to be the only mailer
which by default does not hide those headers.

Jerry Adlersfluegel

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