[Mailman-Users] some messages in queue not being processed

D.J. Atkinson dj at pcisys.net
Sun Dec 10 06:27:59 CET 2000

Starting on Dec 5, I've had an issue where qrunner only seems to be
partially processing the queue.

Here's what I've seen so far:

A message arrives, gets processed by wrapper and placed in the qfiles
directory as a .msg file with an accompaning .db file, theoretically to be
sent to the list or to the admin the next time qrunner executes.

The next (and any subsequent) time that qrunner executes (for those of you
who like to blast people for not setting up cron, yes it is set up, and
yes it is running successfully), it seems to read the .db file (as
indicated by "ls -lu"), but doesn't seem to do anything with it (or the
accompanying message file).

Other messages arriving later may or may not be successfully delivered to
the list.

Other key items:

- I'm running mailman version 2.0 on Sun Sparc Slaris 2.7

- I can find no log entries related to these files that would indicate
any errors or problems.

- check_perms finds no problems

Given that I can't find anything in the logs to indicate why the .db files
are being read, but not processed, is there a way to increase the logging
level of qrunner?  Any other thoughts on how I might be able to track this
well enough that Barry can fix it?



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