[Mailman-Users] moving lists to OpenBSD

mmc mmc at obispo.com
Mon Dec 11 06:27:18 CET 2000

Hi -

I'm in the process of moving my mailing list server from RH Linux to
OpenBSD.  I've installed Python 1.6 and the latest Mailman, and have a
couple of questions:

* README.BSD suggests that I shouldn't have to group suid the $prefix
directories, but check_perms griped anyway.  I ran check_perms -f to fix
things up.  Would this introduce problems?

* I was unable to determine precisely the user/group that sendmail runs
under.  Using ps, it appears to be running under root.  The DefaultUser in
in sendmail.cf is commented out, and set to "mailnull", which is not a
valid user or group.  Is anyone familiar with what the --with-mail-gid
setting should be on OpenBSD 2.8?

* I've have problems moving a list from the old box to the new one.  I
created a tar of archive/private/listname, archive/private/listname.mbox,
archive/public/listname, archive/public/listname.mbox, and
lists/listname.  After un-tarring on the new server, I was able to access
the archives, but not the administration page.  On one moved list, the
password didn't transfer, on another, the admin front page never comes
up.  I did run move_list for both lists on the new server after un-tarring
the archive.

I looked in the docs and list archives for instructions on moving lists,
but didn't find anything conclusive.  What are the specific steps
necessary for moving a list from one box to another.

Sorry for the novella, and thanks in advance for any help!


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