[Mailman-Users] For the Mailman Wishlist

Philippe Schenkel pschenkel at gmx.ch
Mon Dec 11 12:21:08 CET 2000

Dear Mailman Team

Using Mailman for a few weeks now, I've come across some features I would 
like to see in the next version:

* support for announcement-lists (members cannot post),
* personal email-adresses for each subsciber (like lyris does),
* option to add members without any form of confirmation,
* more customization options, all texts which mailman sends to the list 
should be customizable,
* more thorogh documentation for administrators (also explaining Mailman's 
inner workings),
* PHP-Interface for Mailman for creating custom pages.

Keep up your nice work!

Philippe Schenkel, Obstgartenstrasse 14, CH 8006 Zürich
office: 	+41-(0)1-205 95 95
residence: 	+41-(0)1-364 52 84
mobile:	+41-(0)78-790 52 84
pschenkel at gmx.ch

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