[Mailman-Users] For the Mailman Wishlist

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Mon Dec 11 18:06:44 CET 2000

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> From: Philippe Schenkel [mailto:pschenkel at gmx.ch]
> Using Mailman for a few weeks now, I've come across some 
> features I would 
> like to see in the next version:
> * support for announcement-lists (members cannot post),

Already does this fairly well.  I've got it set up on my server.  I don't
remember exactly the options, but I basically said that all posts are
moderated, except for a couple of people.

> * option to add members without any form of confirmation,

Do you mean that users can subscribe without confirmation, or that admins
can add users without their confirmation?  I think that the former is bad,
and that the latter already exists.

> * more customization options, all texts which mailman sends 
> to the list 
> should be customizable,

Which ones aren't customizable now?

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