[Mailman-Users] For the Mailman Wishlist

Dave Sherohman esper at sherohman.org
Mon Dec 11 19:14:16 CET 2000

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 09:06:44AM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > From: Philippe Schenkel [mailto:pschenkel at gmx.ch]
> > * support for announcement-lists (members cannot post),
> Already does this fairly well.  I've got it set up on my server.  I don't
> remember exactly the options, but I basically said that all posts are
> moderated, except for a couple of people.

Uh, not quite the same thing...

Philippe asked for "members cannot post".  To me, this means the mlm rejects
non-admin senders immediately and automatically.

AFAICT, all Mailman has is "member posts go into an admin queue and sit
there, waiting for approval, until an admin manually rejects them".

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