[Mailman-Users] Different archiver?

Jeff Warnica jw at w3internet.com
Wed Dec 13 15:32:51 CET 2000

Greetings all..

There is indication in the documentation that it is possible to use a
different archiver for mailman. At work, my predecessor had developed a
customized version of hypermail for a client, and had a mail alias to that |
subscribed to a list. Mailman directly archived the mail in its normal
fashion, and when the tweekedhypermail alias got mail, it did so as well.

Unfortunatly, this is working less well than it used to - something goes
wrong either with the alias or the tweekedarchiver itself. Id like to
eliminate possible points of failure as much as possible here, as much to
regain some sanity while I have the chance as for legitimate debugging

So: Is it possible to have mailman use a different archiver, in parallel, on
a per list basis? How would one do such a thing?

FWIW, were currently running 2.0b6

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