[Mailman-Users] "from" field - how can I change it?

Meredith, Robert robert.meredith at neonsoft.com
Wed Dec 13 17:16:14 CET 2000

First of all, please reply to my message directly as I am not a member of
the list right now, I can't go through the messages daily.

My Mailman machine is called xxx.domain.com but I have a DNS alias setup
called lists.domain.com.  I can send messages to test at lists.domain.com and
don't have a problem.  But, when I receive the message via Mailman it says
it is from "xxx.domain.com" instead of "lists.domain.com".  How can I change
this from field?  I have tried changing the Sendmail setup (masq.), but
haven't had any luck.

Also, if I was to change the view/html of the main Mailman page, where would
I find it?


robert meredith

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