[Mailman-Users] Slow Performance on semi-large lists

D.J. Atkinson dj at pcisys.net
Wed Dec 13 23:34:30 CET 2000

>>It often takes 2 or 3 hours for the mailings to go out (even the smaller
>>ones).  I would like to increase performance, but i'm not really too
>>sure what to do.
>make sure you have
>in your mm_cfg file, to split up deliveries into small pieces. 
>Otherwise, each message goes out in one mail batch, and you 
>single-thread each message, and everyone behind a slow receiver has 
>to wait.

I've experienced similar issues to Neil, but it's usually only 1-3
addresses causing the problem, so I don't think this solution would help
me.  [BTW I'm using Mailman 2.0 w/ Sendmail on Solaris 2.7]

I posted a message over the weekend where I saw qrunner only processing
part of the queue.  It turned out that there were three messages in the
queue with 3 unresolvable names each.  (3 messages to the same list)  
Each of these queued files took 400 seconds to time out, by which time, we
were past the default max qrunner process length (15 minutes), and qrunner

I've of course now increased the process length to 30 minutes, and
everything seems to be OK.  But that's only temporary, I'm sure.  As list
volume builds, it will become a problem again.  It would be great if there
were a more graceful way of dealing with this than currently exists.

If it's possible to do it with sendmail, desynchronizing DNS lookups would
be one way.  [Back to Neil's question: Any body have any idea if/how to do
this?] Another thought, that could help in my particular situation, is for
qrunner to keep a record of what names have failed DNS lookup and only
check those once during a given qrunner batch job.  This may not be
feasible, depending on the software architecture.

Any other thoughts on dealing with DNS lookup delays?

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