[Mailman-Users] Slow Performance on semi-large lists

D.J. Atkinson dj at pcisys.net
Thu Dec 14 16:54:37 CET 2000

>> If it's possible to do it with sendmail, desynchronizing DNS
>> lookups would be one way.  [Back to Neil's question: Any body have
>> any idea if/how to do this?] Another thought, that could help in
>> my particular situation, is for qrunner to keep a record of what
>> names have failed DNS lookup and only check those once during a
>> given qrunner batch job.  This may not be feasible, depending on
>> the software architecture.
>What to do about the posts sitting in your sendmail queue when you
>do that?  Setup a second box to smarthost for your current sendmail
>system.  Reconfigure sendmail on your first system to send all
>outbound mail through that new box.  Let it run for a bit, and all
>the outbound mail under sendmail should drain to the new smarthost.
>Now install a new MTA on your list server, and let the smarthost run
>until all its mail drains out.  You can then recommission the

Actually, the sendmail queue is fine.  It's getting things from the
mailman queue into the sendmail queue where the delays are happening.
That's using the SMTPDirect mailman delivery method.

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