[Mailman-Users] How to discard spam without review

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at min.net
Thu Dec 14 21:30:56 CET 2000

Certainly procmail recipes are not easy to write (or read).  [aside:
I find it tends to requeue mail rather than discard it when I goof.]
If the idea is to provide an easy and robust interface, I'd like to
request the same for the message headers and footers.  You may recall
my problems when I innocently put a '%' in a header.  It would be
nice if Mailman sanitized what was entered through the web interface
so that it didn't crash all mail delivery, even if the output wasn't
what the user expected.

 - George (who trusts himself, in spite of past experiences)

> John W Baxter said:
> At 7:51 -0800 12/13/00, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:
> >At 8:46 AM -0500 12/13/00, George Dinwiddie wrote:
> >>I'd say that's a job appropriate for procmail rather than the mailing
> >>list manager.
> >
> >at one level, yes. At a practical level, no -- because that'd
> >preclude someone from configuring it via the mailman web pages, and
> >would require them to have shell access to the machine, and would
> >require separate procmailrcs for every list on the machine (and to
> >learn procmail). You don't want your admins jumping through all those
> >hoops unless you absolutely have to.
> >
> Not to mention that mere mortals--even list admins--are very unlikely to
> know anything about procmail and how to manage its amazingly arcane
> "recipes," which when mismanaged tend to discard all mail.
>   --John (who doesn't trust himself anywhere near procmail)

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