[Mailman-Users] command addresses

James Sintz jsintz at ohiohistory.org
Thu Dec 14 23:38:57 CET 2000

Is there a way for users to unsubscribe without having to know their

I would like for subscribers to be able to unsubscribe just by sending an
from their address without having to remember what their password is. If the
from address matches an address in the list then action will be taken and
the address will be removed. If not, no action will be taken. Unsubscribing
security is not that big of a deal.

In addition, is their a way to set up a specific unsubscribe address like
mylist-unsub at mysites.com so users don't have to include any specific text in
the subject or body? Just sending to the above address from their subscribed
address will remove them.



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