[Mailman-Users] URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! big problem

Harold Paulson haroldp at sierraweb.com
Fri Dec 15 01:15:18 CET 2000

No doubt this guy just followed the wrong link on his user page, 
but...I'm going to jump on this again, because no one seemed to 
notice the last time I brought it up.

I have been the victim of this on numerous occasions.  It was not 
always Mailman's fault.  Many of the bugs responsible have been 
fixed.  Some, I still have no explanation for.  But it doesn't matter 
who's fault it is.  Can we add a feature to Mailman that checks to 
see if a duplicate message is being sent out?  Maybe just save a hash 
of the message bodies for a day?

It is really REALLY unpleasant when you have a list loop like that. 
A feature that prevents it would be keen.

	- H

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