[Mailman-Users] typical qmail woes

Matt Peterson matt at peterson.org
Fri Dec 15 15:02:10 CET 2000


yes, i've read the qmail readme (even though it's really a reference, not
a howto or manual).  i've been trying to get the contributed script
qmail-to-mailman.py working, skipping the mess of creating a bunch of
.qmall files.  i know it's being called upon, because emails sent to
abuse at lists.moaner.org, are being bounced with def bounce(): message.
i'm guess this might be a famous gid issue?  all my test emails to
-request, -admin, etc. just sit in the queue.  *shrug* help?

virtualdomains fils (domain obviously listed in rcpthosts)

|preline /usr/local/bin/python /home/mailman/qmail-to-mailman.py

i dont see what i'm missing, yes, i've restarted qmail's daemons.  damit
this sux.  is there any good qmail + mailman howto, google no luck.  thx.


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