[Mailman-Users] Performance problem building archives?

Gary Palmer gjp at in-addr.com
Tue Dec 19 09:17:54 CET 2000


We have Mailman 2.0 (release) with Python 2.0 on a Sun E250 with a
400MHz CPU and plenty of memory.  We're running one of our internal
lists through it right now, and it seems that there may be a
performance problem in generating the web indexes for the archives.
While writing out "date.html" it takes a long time (typically 8
seconds or so), causing delivery of the mail to the list recipients to
take 20 odd seconds from the time the queue runner starts, and 20
seconds each message after that.  The list has received several
hundred messages in the past 2 weeks, which is where I believe the
problem originates.  (I was watching the queue runner with truss,
which is why I was able to pin down the problem to generating a
particular file).

Has anyone else running MailMan 2.0 with Python 2.0 and high-volume
lists seen a similar problem?  Is it limited to the UltraSPARC CPU?
Any hints on how to solve this problem?  Keeping archives isn't really
an option, although going to weekly indexes may be a solution.



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