[Mailman-Users] Anyone have a patch to Barry's log rotater so it works with 2.0??

Scott Brown scott-brown at home.com
Thu Dec 21 05:08:16 CET 2000

Went looking through sourceforge tonight...

Found a log rotater...[ Patch #101847 ] Log rotation which mails admin with

Tried it... and it dies on

	Utils.SendTextToUser('Mailman Log Report -- %s' % time.ctime(time.time()),
		text, mm_cfg.MAILMAN_OWNER, mm_cfg.MAILMAN_OWNER)

since Utils.SentTextToUser doesnt exist in the version 2.0 Utils.py... or
any *.py module in $prefix/Mailman/

Does anyone know how to patch this to get it to work?

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