[Mailman-Users] Difficulties Experienced

Mark Henson mark at ericsson.net.nz
Fri Dec 22 02:38:05 CET 2000


Firstly I'd like to thank you for a quality product!!!  I have recently
deployed Mailman and I find to be easy to use and
very stable for an application with web based management.

Two issues caused me difficulty:-

one related to sendmail restricted shell
the other due to a missing To: field when posting from a script on a
Solaris 7 box

In all I spent about a day resolving these issues and wanted to suggest
an inclusion
for the smrsh in the FAQ as any Redhat install will find this problem:

For Redhat 6.1, 6.2 and (I assume) 7.0 users a link is required from
/etc/smrsh to the wrapper script: /home/mailman/mail/wrapper

ln -s /home/mailman/mail/wrapper /etc/smrsh/wrapper

I know that your instructions include a comment on smrsh - but honestly
I couldn't understand what was being suggested despite
resolving exactly the same problem from majordomo several months ago!!!

Secondly the issue relating to Implicit Destination, in the end I
resolved this via the archive of the users list - also for the previous
I found a comment that helped me work out how smrsh really required
things to be done.

The Implicit Destination problem was because mail for Sun Solaris 7 does
not include a  To: field in the mail header and Mailman was requiring
approval for these posts.

The time it took me to resolve this issue was so long because I was
unable to search the users list postings, only view them per month and
consequently to find the relevant mail took a long time.  Infact I was
pretty sure the problem was a bug in Mailman for a while!!!

I think the htdig would provide the capability to search the archive and
it would be very very helpful for people trying to resolve these same
in the future....

anyway thanks again for a great program, a bit more documentation or a
knowledge base would be handy :)))

Mark Henson
New Zealand

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