[Mailman-Users] Newlist from a webpage?

Dave Klingler davek at mail.commercedata.com
Fri Dec 22 04:07:27 CET 2000

Hi Scott.  I'm working on getting virtual domains up using virtfs, and it's
been pretty easy so far - except that I don't have it working yet.  My
mail's being black-holed somewhere at the wrapper step, even though I'm 
fairly sure the wrapper's running (set up smrsh already).  I'm having problems
tracking it down.  Everything else is running nicely.

The one thing I did was put in a symbolic link from where mailman *expected*
to find things to where they really were once the chroot took place.

Let me know if you're interested in doing it the way I did.  If I get it 
to work I think it'll be the most elegant way to get it all going.  *grin*

Dave Klingler

> Has anyone produced the ability for virtual domains to create their own
> mailman list?
> If so, care to share the code?
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