[Mailman-Users] Newlist from a webpage?

Scott Brown scott-brown at home.com
Fri Dec 22 05:19:28 CET 2000

So you're giving your users complete command line level access to a virtual
install of mailman?

Interesting concept... I'm not sure I'd want to let them take things that
far though (I mean, I dont want anyone to fiddle with /etc/aliases and other
files in /etc/ if I dont need to... and right now, I dont need to)

What I'm really looking for is a quick wrapper for newlist that I can call
from a segment of the virtual domain's web-based control panel, and allow
them to create/delete lists as they desired - but with all the nitty gritty
of updating sendmail handled by a nice secure piece of code that I can
control/customize (my situation is not as simple as the install docs
suggest - I have an additional file to update due to the virtual domain

> Hi Scott.  I'm working on getting virtual domains up using
> virtfs, and it's been pretty easy so far - except that I
> don't have it working yet.  My mail's being black-holed
> somewhere at the wrapper step, even though I'm fairly
> sure the wrapper's running (set up smrsh already).  I'm
> having problems tracking it down.  Everything else is
> running nicely.

Check your $prefix/logs/ directory - all my answers came from looking at
what was being written there ;-)

And if nothing is being written there, then there's bound to be a problem
with your /etc/aliases , or your virtual domain tables (mine got out of sync
earlier this week - took me and a friend a couple hours to track down that I
simply needed to rebuild the btree index ... ;-)

> Let me know if you're interested in doing it the way I did.
> If I get it to work I think it'll be the most elegant way to
> get it all going.  *grin*

Maybe submit something for Barry to include in the next release?

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